10 Postpartum Essentials You’ll Regret Not Buying

by Quay

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who is that goddess postpartum essentials you'll regret not buying

Being a new Mama can be hard. Everyone wants to tell you how you should care for yourself and your baby. They tell their birth stories with wide smiles and dazzling eyes. They note how they had 3rd-degree tears, and c-sections, natural hospital births, and home births. When I first became pregant I scoured the web looking for advice, and you know what I found? A bunch of amazingly beautiful women sharing their stories, sharing their life, sharing their children. I had never felt so inspired in my life. That is where the inspiration for 10 Postpartum Essentials You’ll Regret Not Buying was birthed (Hehe pun intended). I hope you take from this list the things you need, and please understand every women’s situation and healing is different, so what works for me may not work for you, but I can at least offer some advice on products I would not have been able to live without after labor and delivery.

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10 Postpartum Essentials You’ll Regret Not Buying

1. Colace or Some other Stool Softener

I am going to jump straight into the nitty-gritty here. Although I had an emergency C-section I still went through about 24 hours of insane back labor. My body underwent a tremendous amount of tension and strain even though I didn’t have baby boy vaginal. Let me be honest and say… the first bowl movement you have after a c-section is EXTREMELY PAINFUL, to say the least. So, when the nurse offers stool softner be sure to take it and be sure to buy your own once discharged. I am 12 weeks postpartum and I still have intense pain with bowel movements.

2. Compression Stockings

I had been given fluids as soon as I arrived at the hospital at 8:00 PM. I was 41 weeks pregnant and it was time to be induced. Which I was so ecstatic about. I was finally going to meet my little man, (everything about him was a total mystery. I couldn’t imagine what his face would look like at all.) Anyway, I had been given bag after bag of fluids during my stay in the hospital. Which then caused excessive swelling in my legs and feet. The compression stockings were the only thing that helped the swelling subside. It is also noted that compression stockings help prevent blood clots.

3. Advil

As I stated above I had a c-section. Meaning I was in so so so much pain. I was sent home with Percocet, but I wasn’t sure of the effect this drug would have for my baby because I am a breastfeeding mama. So I opted for Tylenol and Advil. I took about two pills every four hours to keep the pain at bay.

Postpartum Essentials Perrii bottle whoisthatgoddess

4. Perri Bottle

A Perri bottle is a bottle they give you at the hospital to keep your lady bits clean when you use the restroom. If you aren’t aware lots and lots of fluid come out during labor and lots and lots of fluid come out after labor and delivery. If you’ve had stitches or any other issues down below it is very important that you keep this area clean to prevent infection.

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5. Postpartum Panties

Since we are on the topic of down there care let’s talk about these Always Descret Boutiques. You guy! I found these to be the only thing that was gentle enough for my c-section scar. Les be honest I could barely bend over to put a sanitary napkin into my panties. I mean it was seriously so much work that I needed help doing it. Shout out to my love for helping ya girl out lol. Anyway, these things came in handy, they hold well, they are soft, and I loved them. No embarrassment here. These are without a doubt a Postpartum essential.

whoisthatgoddess postpartum essentials mother love nipple cream

6. Nipple Cream

If you are a breastfeeding mama you will definitely need nipple cream. My favorite brand is the mothers love nipple cream. It is safe for baby and mama with all-natural ingredients, and a little of this cream goes a long way. If you aren’t into buying creams apply a little bit of breast milk to your nipple. Yes, girl breast milk is a magical body juice that heals. How do you think these little babies grow so strong from it?

7. Water Bottle

Okay, You will need a giant water bottle that keeps your water cold, because you won’t be moving much especially if you’ve had a c- section. Trust me when I say this; you will want everything in arms reach. I love Hydroflask. I purchased one with a straw so I didn’t have to bend over or move too much at all. It is very important that you stay hydrated your body just went through a traumatic experience and water is key.

who is that goddess post postpartum essentials

8. Prenatal Vitamin

Prenatal vitamins aid with healing and it replaces some of the nutrients you may not be getting during postpartum recover because you are tired. These will also help with breastfeeding. I was told to continue taking my prenatal vitamin for the entire six week recovery period.

9. Belly Binder

12 weeks post Partum and I look about five months pregnant because I didn’t wear the belly wrap. Let me tell you… as soon as I decided to wear my belly wrap miracles happened. I feel like it has your organs fall back into the correct place, flattens your stomach, and aids with healing. Note: These are very uncomfortable. It reminds me of being pregnant all over again.

who is that goddess postpartum essentials nursing pads

10. Nursing Pads

Here is the thing you will leak. I leaked in the bed, on the couch, in the car, everywhere. Waking up to breast milk splashed all over your chest really sucks. So opt for Lansonah breast pads or reusable breast pads. Trust me you will thank me later.

Honorable Mentions

  • Frozen Meals… You will be tired very very tired, be sure to have meals easily accessible
  • Ice Pack- For your sore stomach and back if you received a c-section or Epidural
  • Witch Hazel for the lady bits
  • Dermoplast- used to numb the pain after childbirth
  • Nursing Bras
10 Postpartum Essentials You'll Regret Not Buying

I found everything on this list to be helpful with my transition into motherhood. I’d love to know… What are a few of your postpartum essentials? Comment down below. I hope you found this post to be useful. May you have peace, may you have love, may you have bliss, and as always Honor The Goddess Within.

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