25 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy

by Quay

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Third Trimester Maternity Photo shoot

25 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy

25 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy

Hello, their Mamma or should I say soon to be mother.

You are pregnant! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Pregnancy comes with an array of ups and downs. One minute you are bombarded by the love of the life growing inside of you and the next you are dry heaving into the toilet because you didn’t eat enough or the smell of what you were cooking made you extremely nauseated. After a while, you get a good grasp on things and learn to roll with the punches. In this post, we will discuss 25 things you should know about pregnancy.

I am guessing you are reading this for one of a few reasons.

  1.  You are creeping up on your third trimester of pregnancy and you want to know what to expect.
  2. Embarking on a pregnancy journey and you want to know all the up’s downs and round and rounds.
  3. You want photoshoot ideas for your upcoming maternity shoot.
  4. You feel completely lost, unsure, and honestly, you just want some friendly advice. (Girl I Got You)
  5. You are insanely excited and you can’t wait until your belly is big, round, and in charge hehe.

Whatever the case maybe you are in the right place. Trust me when I say I won’t spare you on any of the details. So, if honesty bothers you it is time to click away. Disclaimer I know that everyone’s journey with pregnancy is different. We have different bodies, different lifestyles, different diets, and different environments. So, don’t just read my opinion and believe that this will be 100% true for you. Hell…I know women who enjoy pregnancy so much they get pregnant every chance they get. I also know women that hated everything about it. So, let’s keep an open mind and an open heart and get into 25 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy. The Good, the bad, and the ugly.

25 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy

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Maternity Photo Shoot

The Good

Discovering You Are Pregnant

Discovering I was pregnant was hands down one of the happiest moments of my life. I felt an array of emotions that day. First I was full of joy, love, excitement. Then I had a bout of anxiety. I had questions; lots and lots of questions. How far along was I? What about work? Life as I knew it was about to change forever. What about my freedom? All of that dispersed the first time I saw…

The First Sonogram

The first time I heard his little heartbeat and I saw the little flicker on the screen I had fallen in love. Nothing can prepare you for that moment. I remember feeling a bit shocked. Like wow, this is really a baby is growing inside of me. I will also say as beautiful as the heartbeat sounded the sonogram itself was a bit underwhelming. I wanted to see hands, feet, and toes. What I got was a little heart-shaped embryo. Still just as beautiful.

Is That Gas or Did My Baby Move

The first little movements are the BEST! It was so hard to distinguish between gas and movement, but I am pretty sure when I was around 16 weeks pregnant I felt a flutter. Some women describe this as gas, butterfly’s, or a gentle rolling sensation.

The Pregnancy Glow is Real

Let me be the first to tell you that I felt like a fucking Goddess. I didn’t wear makeup, I didn’t need an insane skin care regimen, I didn’t even moisturize. My skin was moist, clear, and dewy. I felt beautiful. Of course, this was during the second trimester when my belly was cute and round and I hadn’t put on much weight, but heyyyy I enjoyed the glow.

Thick Beautiful Bouncing Hair

Since we are on the subject of beauty can I mention the amazing things pregnancy does for your hair? Before pregnancy, my hair shed like a dog. During pregnancy not a strand of hair in my brush. I love it! It was also 10x easier to manage.

You Get VIP Treatment

My hubby treated me like a queen. Dishes were done, dinner was cooked, and did I mention the nightly foot rubs, back rubs, and the assortment of flowers weekly. I have to say being pregnant is a beautiful thing.

Rest and Recovery

I think this is my favorite out of them all. Before pregnancy, I had always been a kind of lazy person, but now that I’m pregnant I don’t get the judgmental stares or the sighs from my lover. I am growing an entire human I need my rest. I enjoyed napping after breakfast, after a short car ride, napping on the beach. It has all been great. It may sound like I was taking advantage, but it honestly felt like I was tired all of the time. So don’t feel bad for catching up on your rest.

Your Breast Get Bigger

This happened early for me in the first trimester. I also think this can be a good and a bad thing. Remember how sore your breast were when they first started to develop imagine that pain every day on top of getting used to your new size. I mean my love thoroughly enjoyed the new size of my breast, but I found it a bit exhausting. I couldn’t fit into any of my bras, but I got a lot of compliments.

Amazing Sex

Okay, I am not sure if this is too much for some of you; if so feel free to skip this one. I have had some of the most amazing, exhilarating orgasms of my life while I have been pregnant. Seems they last a bit longer too.

Watching Your Lover Turn Into A Father

It melts my heart every time my love kisses my belly goodnight. Baby boy also seems to know his fathers’ voice. Every time my boyfriend talks to my little one I begin to feel kicks of excitement. It is the cutest thing ever to witness a bond take place before they have even laid eyes on each other.

Intense Pregnancy Dreams

I have had the most vivid colorful dreams I have had in my life. Seems my dreams have turned into loving fantasy movies centered around Orca whales, butterfly’s, and rainbows. Pure magic if you ask me. My pregnancy dreams have convinced me that I was a mermaid in a past life because they are always centered around the big blue ocean and its inhabitants. Also, just an FYI I would stay away from horror films while you are pregnant. You don’t want things from the movie appearing in your dreams. Trust me it is scary.

Shopping for Baby Stuff

I had such a great time with this. It is so much fun buying new baby things. researching products, and imagining your little one sleeping peacefully in his brand new Snuggle Me Organic Lounger. Honestly, guys, these things are the cutest.

Baby Showers

They reminded me of the love and support that is constantly provided to me and my baby. I am so happy and grateful for my friends and family. They went above and beyond for my baby shower. A girl couldn’t ask for more and did I mention it was Hawaii themed (even my family knows I am a mermaid).

Being alone, but You Aren’t Actually Alone

The moment you think you are alone in the shower with your thoughts, and then you feel that all to familiar kick, and it puts a smile on your face. Simply beautiful.

Choosing A Name

Isn’t that the best? You are finally naming a child after years of talking about it. Thinking about it. Dreaming about it. The day has come and you finally get to choose the name you will be yelling for the rest of your life lol.


No shame here. When it is time to eat this girl eats. No need to worry about packing on the pounds or if you’ll look good in your bathing suit. The baby is going to make his/her appearance known.

The reality of pregnancy

The Bad

Okay, we discussed all of the things that make our hearts swell with joy, now let’s get into some of the things that turn our stomachs literally.

Worst Heartburn You Have Ever Had

Oh, Sweetheart you have no idea.

Snoring Like A Grown Man

Snoring is a given during pregnancy, with all the extra pressure on your lungs it is going to happen. The best advice I can give is to prepare your partner for sleepless nights.

Do I Seriously Have To Pee Again

Be prepared for emergency bathroom trips no matter where you are. If you walk past a bathroom and you don’t have the urge to go Id say go anyways, because the sensation goes from not having to urinate to full blown I am about to go right now unless I find a bathroom. You have been warned.

No More Cuddling

First of all it is way to hot! Secondly I don’t know if its me, but my boyfriends arm feels like it weighs 25lbs I don’t need that extra weight on my hips.

Speaking of Hips… Be Prepared For Side Pain, Back Pain, Groin Pain

The pain gets worse and worse the further along you get. Invest in a shit ton of pillows, buy a memory foam mattress cover and hope for the best. Check out my pregnancy essentials here.

Juniper Springs Pregnancy Photo Shoot Maternity

The Ugly

Now, I am about to get into some gross things. If you aren’t okay with bodily fluids I’d say click away now.

The Smell of Your Own SH*T Makes You Sick

If I could choose one superhuman strength that comes with pregnancy it would be the sense of smell. I hated the idea of pooping it meant possibly throwing up at the same time. It was horrible. I highly recommend investing in an essential oil diffuser. I placed one in the bathroom and let it go while I went to the bathroom. It helped tremendously.

Can’t Beat The Funk

Honestly, I stink. I fucking reek first thing in the morning even if I showered the night before. Let me just say that the extra weight causes sweating in places you didn’t know you could sweat. I also happened to be one of those women that leak colostrum while I sleep. With all of the smells combined I have to shower at least two to three times a day. Which doesn’t bother me I enjoy water.

You Will Lose All Bladder Control

By the time third trimester rolls around you will be peeing on yourself without realizing it. If you sneeze, cough, laugh, or even bend over it is highly likely that a bit of pee will squirt out.

Cervix Checks Hurt

Towards the end of your pregnancy, your doctor or midwife will begin checking you every time they think you are in labor. I think this is something you should mentally prepare for because it is very very uncomfortable.

So these are the beautiful magical sometimes disgusting things you can expect from pregnancy. Like I said before every women’s experience is different, every child is different. Just remember to go into it with an open mind and an open heart, because the reward at the end of it is well worth it. After all how amazing is it that your body has created life. For me, that is a mind-blowing, amazing, blessing. Thank You for reading, and as always Honor The Goddess Within.

25 Things You Should know About Pregnancy

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