How to Get Anything You Want By Using The Law of Attraction

by Quay

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How to Get Anything You Want by Using The Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction

We all have desires that’s no secret. We all want virtually the same things security, happiness, love, peace, but how do we get it. How do we reach into the cosmos and bring the things we genuinely desire to fruition. Simply put you use the Law of Attraction.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is the idea that like attracts like. Whatever you put out into the universe echoes back to you; for example, if you continuously think and say that you never have enough time or money that is what the universe will give to you. You will find yourself living the exact life that you continue to believe you have.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

So, how can you change a negative mindset into a mindset of abundance? You monitor your thoughts. Pay very close attention to your thoughts as they arise. Instead of saying, “I never have enough money, and I’m too exhausted to find another way to make more, I hate my job, and everything sucks.” Rephrase that statement to a statement of positivity. “I live in a constant state of abundance. Everything I need is already within me. I am grateful for the ability to work; I am grateful for this career, for it is a means for me to create the lifestyle of my dreams. I have more than enough time, energy, and money to focus on making my dreams a reality.”

The Truth IS

You have been practicing The Law of Attraction from the time you made your presence known on this planet; you only haven’t been aware of it. You are a total creative badass, and you have yet to harness your creative power. You have been manifesting people, places, and things your entire life, and now it is time for you to take charge and begin going after everything you desire unapologetically. You are worthy of living a life of abundance; you are divinely supported, your dreams are becoming a reality at this very moment.

First things First

We need to make you a conscious manifestor, although you have been manifesting your entire life, you haven’t been aware of it. I need you to think about your desires purposefully. Surround those desires with an insane amount of love <3 and gratitude. Often when we desire things we to add stress and the need to control the situation. What you never want to do is add fear or energy of lack surrounding your desire. Remeber energy goes where attention flows. So focus on ABUNDANCE focus on raising your vibration to match that of which you desire. Remeber the Law of Attraction works well when you incorporate three critical things,


Raising Your Vibration

Positive Thinking

Now that we have covered all of that let’s get into

How to Get Everything You Desire by Using The Law of Attraction



Get Clear

Getting clear can go one of two ways. Say you desire a new home in Hawaii. The first thing you would need to do is get clear on the kind of house you want. What color is it, where is it in Hawaii, what does it smell like when you walk through the door? Visualizing is a key step in manifesting your desires.

The second way is to surround the entire desire with love and light. An example you can not desire a home in Hawaii yet in the same breath participate in negative talk surrounding the real estate industry. Give up negative talk regarding anything that has to do with the housing market in Hawaii. If you desire a one bedroom release any part of you that believes finding a one bedroom home in Hawaii with your budget is impossible. Instead, believe in yourself and your ability to have and do anything you want.


Create Your Intention

Okay, now that you are clear on what it is you desire; let’s begin to get clear on why it is you want this desire? Is it coming from a lack mentality? Is it coming from a place of fear? What are you hoping to gain from this manifestation happiness, love, adventure, freedom?

This step will allow you to access the state of your vibration, and give you the ability to increase it to whatever it is you desire.



Visualizing is my absolute favorite step; well, I mean besides reaching my desired outcome. Quickly put the act of visualizing in my eyes is daydreaming.  I have been a big daydreamer for the majority of my life. Whenever I get to tell others about this sweet escape from reality, I am a little bit tickled. I think it is freaking great.  Things to help you visualize

enter the flow state

allow your mind to paint what it is you want manifest to imagine yourself in this space

focus on the details sight, taste, smell, hear, touch

Visualize as often as possible


Feel your desire emotionally

You have gotten clear, zeroed in on why you want to manifest the desire, visualized, and now it is time to feel your desire.

How do you think it will feel to have what you want?

Are you elated?


Filled with gratitude and happiness?

Or maybe emotional to the point of tears?

Love, cry if you need to, shout, jump up and down, run down the street like a crazy woman. Whatever you think your reaction will be you need to feel it; Feel it and believe that your desire is already yours. You have to know and understand without a doubt that you have received.

Practice Gratitude

Begin saying THANK YOU a lot. Although, you are a powerful creator you did not achieve your manifestation on your own. It is imperative that you give thanks to the creator that created you. Give thanks that you are blessed with love and support, give thanks that your prayers have come true. Fill your heart with so much gratitude that you nearly explode from such a high vibration. Not only will this bring you to your desired outcome, but it will also lead to more to be grateful for, and it will shift your mind from a state of lack to a state of abundance.

P.S Say thank you for what you are manifesting even though there are no physical signs of it yet. Say thank you to the universe in the same way you would say thank you to your boyfriend who made you a cup of coffee this morning. You may not have the coffee in your hand yet, but you know it is coming. Therefore you say thank you even though you haven’t drunk it 😉


Let go of any Self-limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are beliefs we have that we don’t realize we have for example every day I say,

 “I am tired.”

 Too tired to work on my dreams, too tired to workout, too tired to do anything. Truth is maybe I am tired, but is it possible the tired feeling that I am experiencing is not a lack of energy, perhaps it is from a lack of mental strength. I need to transition this statement to,

 ” I have more than enough energy to do every task I set for myself today.”

Be aware of how you speak to yourself after all you are the one listening.


Raise your vibration to that of which you desire

We all want to be millionaires, but the truth is we all don’t have a millionaire mindset. If it is money you wish, yet currently you barely make minimum wage you have to prepare yourself for the money you are ready to receive. Research financial strategies. Surround yourself with the rich people. Surround yourself with people you can learn from and grow with; If you crave to change your diet choices adopt a clean eating lifestyle. Go to health food stores mingle with the people you meet there. Sign up for a yoga class, go hiking, go wherever you think your “people” may be hiding. Do whatever it takes to surround yourself with the energy you desire.

Take Action

The Law of Attraction is not Santa with a Christmas present. You have to work a little for what you want. Take small actionable steps daily, and before you know it, you will have what you desire.

Sitting in your house waiting for something to fall from the sky is not the way to do it. I am not saying the ancient belief that what you want takes extreme measures, hard work, dedication, etc. I am not a believer in those kinds of things. What I am saying is take a step no matter how big or how small and celebrate that victory you are on your way to your desired outcome.


Release and Let Go

You can not bring in the new without releasing the old. Manifesting is all about creating space for the new entering your life. Make space for ideas to flourish.

Stop worrying about how you will receive

stop worrying about if you’re working hard enough

stop worrying about when it will come

let it go

let it go

let it go

Letting go is essential stop obsessing, stop making plans, just go on about your life knowing at any moment your dream will come true.


Remain open to receiving

We are taught to give, but very few of us know how to receive.  We possess egos that say, “I can do it myself.” “I don’t want any help.” “I got it.” Truth is you can receive a gift from a stranger or someone close to you. It is important that you remain open to these magical occurrences. Something as simple as a stranger paying you a compliment and you replying, “Thank You.” could catapult you towards your desires. The universe works in mysterious ways you never know who or what could be your next blessing so remain open, aware, and suck up all that good stuff. I wish you love; I wish you Health, I wish you Happiness. Happy Manifesting


Want to learn more about how I have used the law of attraction in my life. Watch this video.

How The Law of Attraction Changed my Life


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