How to Shield You Energy, Protect Your vibe, and Cleanse Your Aura

by Quay
How to Shield You Energy, Protect Your vibe, and Cleanse Your Aura

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

-Nikola Tesla

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How to Shield You Energy, Protect Your vibe, and Cleanse Your Aura

Look around you… Can you see it? Can You feel it? The world; buzzing with energy, buzzing with life. What we happen to live within is a world built upon one thing, and that is energy.

Energy is everywhere; we are energy, the stars are energy, even the single blade of grass resting in the sun is energy. So what do you do when you come across a lower form of energy? What do you do when you find yourself feeling low, depleted, sucked dry, anxious, nervous, and depressed.

Well, you gather all of the pieces of yourself that you have deemed unworthy, damaged, broken; and you love them. You love them as they are. You accept yourself as you are. Freeing yourself of this damaging energy; it is quite evident that we are not always in control of our environment, we are not in control of the energy others choice to project toward us, we aren’t in control of another’s behavior, emotions, and/or actions.

We are, however; in every way, in every second, in every moment in control of our reaction. We perceive things the way we chose to see them. We can decide to hold onto past pains and traumas, or we can let them go. We can continue to live our lives manipulated by the energy of our environments work, school, home, etc.; or we can stomp our foot and say NO MORE!

You have been guided to read this post for one or two reasons.

One being You are an Empath, and you have been an empath for the entirety of your life. Reason number 2 you are awakening. Your spirit is sensitive, your senses have heightened, and you can no longer stomach the environments you once loved. Large crowds drain you, you’re anxious, You find yourself needing ALONE time, and the things that once held your interest have lost their charm.

Girl, let me tell you that you are not alone. I have been there. Done that, I Spent a year of my life tucked away in a house with my nose nuzzled into the spines of books, and you know what? That is okay. You know what else It. IS. BEAUTIFUL, because you are evolving.

How To Sheild Your Energy, Protect Your Vibe and Cleanse Your Aura



Become The Light You Wish To See

I know its hard to keep a positive, uplifting vibe when negative energy surrounds you. I’m sorry, but this is part of your life experience. Whether you want to believe it or not some people/ situations are placed directly in the center of our paths to teach us, to heal us, to move us in the direction of our lives purpose. It is no longer time for us to hide, it is time for us to shine so brightly that by merely being in our presence we are uplifting the vibes of others.


Energetically Sheild Your Self

Call upon God, and the angels ask that they shield you in heavens divine light. There are a few ways you can imagine this,

  • Visualize a blinding bright light radiating from your body.
  • Imagine yourself in an impenetrable bubble of love.
  • Practice breath work. Begin by inhaling love imagine it as a stream of sparkling, cotton candy-colored light beams flowing into your lungs, breathing life into your body. On the exhale picture yourself breathing out all of the negativity. All of the icky black stuff that has been making you feel bogged down.

Practice Affirmations

I love affirmations especially morning affirmations, they set the tone of your day, boost your positivity, accelerate your personal beliefs, and help you to achieve your goals. Here are a few of my favorite affirmations that help me through rough, energetic days

I Am in complete and total control of my reality at all times

I react to all situations, people, and disagreements from a place of LOVE

I am worthy  of attracting only the good things


Take a moment for self-care

I  know that through the day we are faced with overwhelming moments, stressful situations, anger, and frustration. You are human. It is not realistic to feel uber-fantastic in every moment of the day. I urge you to take a moment, find a quiet space where you can allow these feeling to arise. Feel them. Feel them deeply and then let them go.

Do not form any attachments to these emotions, step into the state of an observer. Watch them come and watch them go much like the waves as they kiss the shoreline. Want to start a self-love journey but you don’t know where to start this post will help you Seven Insanely Easy Techniques to Help Jumpstart Your Self Love Journey.




Work With Healing Crystals

Crystals are so much more than just, “Rocks” or “Something pretty to look at.” Once these beautiful little gems come into contact with your aura they can heal it. There are specific crystals that work well for protection

  • Amethyst- Protection, Peace, Intuition, Self Awareness,  
  • Labradorite- Protection, Guides you to your life purpose,
  • Pyrite- Good Luck, Protection, Prosperity, Manifestation
  • Black Obsidian- Highly Protective, Grounding
  • Black Tourmaline – Ultimate Protection
  • Green Aventurine- Good Luck and opportunity, Protection
  • Jade- protection, prosperity, love, money, friendship
  • Smokey  Quartz- Grounding and stabilization, Healing Stone

You can hold these healing crystals in your hand, set them on your desk at work or school, and wear them as jewelry. Inviting crystals into my life is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Be sure to cleanse your crystals often, because they can become clogged with excess energy. Click here to learn more about gems and there uses.


Live In The Present Moment

"If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present."

-Lau Tzu

The only moment we have is this moment right now. It is okay to experience a bit of nostalgia, but it is never a good idea to spend the majority of our days chasing a moment, a feeling, a place, or a person. You are exactly where you need to be. Smile, allow your heart to swell with gratitude. Relish at the moment.

Ground Yourself

Do you ever experience those days where it seems your mind is gone with the wind? You lack concentration and focus. You may need to ground yourself. There are many ways to ground here are a few of my favorites 😉

Rest beneath the shade of a tree

Eat Consciously; focus your awareness on the fact that you are nourishing your body

Practice Earthing (Connecting your bare feet to the earth, Grass, sand, dirt, etc.)



Take salt water bath/ Swim in the Ocean

Salt water is very cleansing to the aura it is also grounding. Have you ever wondered why a walk on the beach invites feelings of tranquility and peace, or why you feel cleansed and refreshed after a dip in the ocean? The water is purifying it relaxes our senses and puts our minds at ease.


Eat High Vibrational Foods

Caring for your vessel is one of the most important things to do for yourself. If one corner of your life is off balance (Mind, Body, Spirit) it will knock the others off balance. What we eat plays a tremendous role in our mental health, physical health, and spiritual health. Listen to your body notice how it reacts to certain foods. Adopt a diet filled with greens and fresh whole fruits and veggies. I bet you will begin to notice a shift in your energy levels, your mood, and much more.

Cleanse with Palo Santo/ and Sage

Palo Santo, “The Holy Wood” and Sage, are both gifts from nature. Light these magical herbs and experience two very different scents. Both can be used daily to cleanse your home, your body,  belongings, and crystals.


Shower meditation

Shower meditations are essential! I don’t know about you, but I find showers to be extremely pleasing not only physically but spiritually. I don’t know maybe I have this weird thing with water, but I always find that I get some of the most inspiring ideas when showering. My mind has finally jumped off the hamster wheel, and I use this time to think, pray, invite loving energy back into my body, and cleanse myself from the energy of the day.


Practice Mindfulness

Nothing snaps you back into the present moment like mindfulness. Mindfulness is the act of being fully aware and present within the moment.

Let’s say you are washing your dishes and your mind jumps to a scenario that happened at work. One of your coworkers was very mean to you and said very disrespectful hurtful things in the presence of other workers. You find yourself filling with anger, wishing you would have addressed the issue when it happened, you are also sad that someone spoke to you in such a demeaning way. Now, your entire night is ruined because you are upset about the work situation.

A way for you to snap yourself into the present moment would be to be aware of how your hands feel in the dishwater, allow your fingers to glide across the edge of the plate. Breath, notice your breath, notice the subtle rise and fall of your chest. Take a deep breath wash the soap suds from your hands. Now you are present.

Mindfulness does not consistently mean practicing self-love taking bubble baths, lighting candles, burning incense, reciting mantras. Mindfulness can be quite simple if you allow it. Mindfulness is the act of being present in all that you do.

Thank you for reading I hope these tips help you to clear yourself of lower vibrations, Tag me on Instagram if you try any of these tips and tricks, always comment like, show the love, and subscribe. I love you all and as always,











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