What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

by Quay

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For New Moms

What to pack in your hospital bag

What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

The time has finally come… It is time to prepare. Your baby boy or girls homecoming is right around the corner. If you are a first-time mom this time can be quite overwhelming. It seems you have so much to do and so little time to do it. Not to mention not knowing what to expect from your hospital stay. What will you need? What will the hospital provide? These are all questions I had, and for that reason, I have created what to pack in your hospital bag. A comprehensive list of everything that will make you and baby comfortable during your stay. First, I will cover my hospital bag then I will dig into what I packed for my little guy.

For Mommy:

This is the first time I am experiencing birth for myself, but I had the blessed opportunity to witness both of my sisters pregnancies and births. I learned a lot from both of these lovely ladies. First, I’d like to insert a little disclaimer. Some things on my list the hospital will provide, but I always enjoy using my own towels, washcloths, and clothes for sanitary reasons. This list is purely opinion based and if you feel something I chose to pack is not needed then don’t pack it. I’d also love to know what you ladies chose to pack that I may have missed. Okie Dokie let’s get into it.

What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

What to pack in your hospital bag

A Bag, Over-Sized Purse, Carry on Luggage:

In order to pack a bag, you need a bag to pack He-he. For some reason, I did not have a properly sized bag. I had large beach bags filled with sand and seashells, a very large travel suitcase, and loads of small purses. Instead of using what I had I went out and bought a brand new bag CHEAP at Walmart. It is totally fine to use what you have, but for some reason, everything and anything involving my child needed to be new. I think I was totally hardcore nesting lol.


As long as everything goes as smooth as possible the hospital won’t keep you for very long. I think the majority of women stay for two to three days. I am not a fan of staying in the hospital gown so I packed,

  • A Robe (Doctors will be checking you periodically they need easy access. This is also wonderful for the skin on skin contact as well as breastfeeding.)
  • One pair of pajama pants
  • Two Maternity tank Tops (so I can be dressed for visitors, but still feed my baby comfortably).
  • A going home outfit. Consisting of gym shark leggings and a white maternity t-shirt
  • Slip-resistant socks. I can walk around the hospital if need be.
  • Two pairs of regular socks in case my feet get cold. (Hospitals are always freezing).
  •  Pajamas for comfort
  • 99 cents flip flop for shower time
  • 3 Maternity Bras
  • Hanes Panties(I did not want to ruin my good panties).


Toiletries are essential for what to pack in your hospital bag. The hospital will provide you with sanitary napkins and a peri bottle for spraying off your lady bits when you use the restroom. It is very important to keep that area clean you don’t want any infections down there. It is always nice to bring your own pads in case the nurse is busy and can’t bring extra. I am a heavy bleeder so I will need a lot, and I don’t have time to wait. I packed pads as well as Always discreet Boutique for the first night when I am sure bleeding will be the worst, and as the bleeding tapers off I will switch to sanitary napkins.


Let’s face it we live in the digital age, and I want loads of pictures of my little guy and his first day in the world. It is also important for my phone to stay charged. My immediate family is in Ohio and I live in Florida. I have to keep them updated on the status of myself and the baby. Here are a few electronics I packed in my hospital bag.

Cannon G7X Mark II

Anker Portable Charger

10 Ft USB Charger


One majorly important item I made sure was in my hospital bag is my Hydro Flask. It’s like I can’t live without it. I made sure to pack the one with a straw to avoid bending over.

I also made sure to pack a manual Breast pump. The haakaa. Although, I have never used it before I heard great reviews and I thought it might come in handy just in case anything went wrong with breastfeeding.

Nipple Shields are clutch. I know my nipples and breast will be sore after delivery. If baby boy comes into the world with the perfect latch, GREAT, but if he comes out and struggles a bit that’s what the nipple shields are for. It’s always better to be over-prepared than not prepared at all.

That pretty much sums up everything in my hospital bag. As a reminder don’t forget important documents such as your insurance information, ID, and Keys. Don’t forget to pack those prenatal! I use Garden of Life Raw Prenatal. I would also say be sure to bring your own pillows and blankets from home. We all know hospital beds are uncomfortable.

Now, let’s get into what I packed for my baby boy. I have to say while packing his bag I felt so excited!!! It was finally time. In a few weeks, I would be meeting my little boy. I can not explain how much I want to see the little face I have been dreaming about for months.

What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

For Baby

Diaper Bag:

Lekebaby Large Backpack for mom is super clutch and super cute for a first-time diaper bag. I loved the neutral color and the fact that its a backpack instead of a shoulder strap. It still came with a shoulder strap for those of you who like those kinds of the back. I found this bag to be super spacious, with lots of compartments, and a place for my things such as wallet, keys, etc. There are loads of bags on the market. So, be sure to figure out your style and what works best for you. I keep it pretty minimal so this is perfect for me.

Clothing: I Chose to Pack Two to Three of everything

Sleepy Time & Nursing Essentials


For Daddy:

Lastly, don’t forget daddy! Pack him a comfortable sweater, because hospitals get cold. Snacks, cash for vending machines and cafeteria, electronics, books, toiletries, and his own pillow and blanket from home.

What to pack in your hospital bag

What to pack in your hospital bag

I know this can be a bit overwhelming at first, but keep in mind that in just a few short weeks your life will have a new very special addition and he or she will become your main focus. I pray that you have a wonderful birthing experience regardless of the pain and may you and your family have peace. Sending so much love your way I hope that this post What to pack in your hospital bag helps you in so many ways. Share this with a friend who may need to read it and as always Honor The Goddess Within.


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